What is LAUNCH Give

Welcome to LAUNCH Give!

The GBIM LAUNCH program has certain specific goals.  1.  Create missions’ awareness among General Baptist Children and Youth focused on their local community as well as our various mission fields. 2.  Engage General Baptist children and youth in missions’ involvement – again the focus is on community and international ministries. 3.  Create short term opportunity for General Baptist youth and young adults to engage in mission teams and internships.  4. Allow the Spirit of God to move, through moments of awareness and involvement, and to call from among us those who would GO both short and long term.

LAUNCH Give is designed for VBS and Youth Groups and invites participants to learn more about our mission fields and become involved in missions through the stewardship of giving.

Each year LAUNCH Give will have a different country emphasis (awareness) and special offering goal (involvement).  The country of emphasis for this year is Philippines. The special offering this year will be to facilitate the campus expansion program of the General Baptist Bible College.

Vacation Bible School

GBIM has received a mission offering from VBS’s for several years now.  The money received from VBS’s over the years has helped our mission fields in countless ways.

This year, GBIM has four short video segments and age appropriate mission lessons for your VBS.  We invite you to join us again this year to both educate and involved your VBS in missions’ outreach.  You can find the videos and lessons at www.gblaunchgive.com.  We have included sample lessons for your evaluation.

Day of Poverty (designed for Youth groups)

LAUNCH Give for youth groups is called “Day of Poverty” and it offers a chance for General Baptists young people to tackle the advancement of the Gospel of Christ through social change!  The clear teaching of scripture is for Christ followers to faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Christ.  The example of Christ is that often the proclamation was accompanied by works of compassion.  As General Baptists we are firmly committed to the proclamation of the Gospel but the focus of our Day of Poverty is also to understand the social climate in which that proclamation is often made.

Our challenge is for your youth group is to host a Day of Poverty for your church/community.  The goals are simple:

  1. Understand the mandate of the Gospel is to proclaim Jesus Christ. But also, realize the example of Christ in feeding those who are hungry, healing those who are sick, meeting needs as they are found.
  2. Create poverty awareness beginning with your community and then focusing on GBIM’s response to poverty around the world.
  3. Respond to poverty in several ways:
    1. Do something for your local food pantry, food bank, school backpack program, etc.
    2. Involve your group/school/community in child or student sponsorship. Our programs currently focus on Honduras, India, Saipan and the Philippines.
  4. Present the LAUNCH fundraising challenge. The challenge for this year is to help facilitate the campus expansion program of GBBC.

This packet is full of ideas that will help your group have a successful “day of poverty.”  We can make a difference “one child/family at a time!’  Online resources can be found at www.dayofpoverty.com and www.gblaunchgive.com.

Day of Poverty has partnered with the National Youth Conference GBNYC and ask all GBNYC participating youth groups to bring your special offering to GBNYC for a time of harvest.  One gift worth $1000 off a Mission One trip will be awarded to the group with the largest special offering.  The $1000 gift can be awarded to (or divided among) anyone planning to participate in a Mission One (M1) team during the latter part of 2018 or anytime in 2019.  With GBNYC as the special offering target date, we suggest your group host its Day of Poverty in April or May.

If your group hosts a VBS or Day of Poverty but does not participate in GBNYC we ask you to send your special gift to GBIM, LAUNCH Offering, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.